At Udder Health Systems, our mission is to provide our customers confidence and security through a collaborative team, innovative testing and unparalleled support, one dairy and one cow at a time.


Udder Health Systems has laboratories in Bellingham, Washington, Jerome, Idaho, Meridian, Idaho and Layton, Utah. We also have a media production facility located in the Meridian Facility. Each laboratory is staffed by a team of life scientists including veterinarians, microbiologists, food scientists and animal scientists who are totally focused on providing a state of the art food and milk quality service. We serve as consultants to dairymen, veterinarians, milk processors, and food manufacturers on the topic of milk quality. We provide on farm personnel training, coordinate sanitation and therapy programs, troubleshoot acute clinical outbreaks, assist in establishing on-farm personnel training, safe milking machine design and function, effective sanitation programs, rational therapy programs, trouble-shoot milk quality, teat condition concerns, dairy environmental health, and milk quality laboratory technology. Overnight courier services and internet communications allow us to serve clients in all parts of the United States.

At our Jerome location, in addition to milk testing, we offer analysis of food and consumer products and participate in the American Proficiency Institute’s “Food Microbiology” Program as well as being A2LA accredited in accordance with the Standard for select food microbiology analysis.

If you have a question about Udder Health, please call us. We love to talk to people and help them learn how they can reach their food or milk quality goals.

Dr. Allan Britten

Dr. Allan Britten is President of Udder Health Systems. He graduated from Washington State University with a DVM and obtained a post-doctoral Masters in Preventative Veterinary Medicine degree from the University California/Davis. He founded his first lab as part of a specialized epidemiological service working with commercial dairy farmers on mastitis control. Under his guidance the labs have been involved in a wide variety of environmental health investigations using samples from water, soil and bedding to help solve complex microbiological problems on dairies. He consults with dairymen, veterinarians, processors, and manufacturers on topics of disease control.

Dr. Justine Britten

Dr. Justine Britten recently rejoined Udder Health Systems as Laboratory Director.  She obtained a BS in Animal Science from Washington State University and recently completed her PhD from Utah State University in Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences. She will be splitting her time between management of research and development projects, milk quality consultation, technical support for the labs and management of lab operations.