Laboratory Services

  • Diagnostic Cow-Pathogen Testing
  • Bulk Tank Cultures: Identifies Pathogenic & Environmental Bacteria
  • Tank Milk Quality Analysis & Component Testing
  • Environmental Testing: Sanitizer, Bedding, Towels & Water
  • Idaho Grade A State Certified Milk Testing (Jerome Laboratory)

Homestead Dairy Services

  • Individual cow health testing
  • Bacterial and Coliform testing on finished product
  • Consultation on raw milk quality and mastitis
  • Sampling materials and instructions

Homestead Dairy FAQs


New Client Information Form

Sampling Procedure

Field Services & Consulting

  • Milking Machine Safety Evaluations
  • CMT Surveys: Identify High SCC Cows
  • Herd Cultures: Screens Herd for Contagious Mastitis Pathogens
  • Customized Udder Health Programs: Dairy-Specific Mastitis Control Programs
  • Parlor Management: Safe, Efficient & Consistent Milking Practices
  • Hospital Management Consulting
  • Veterinary Consulting: Animal Health Program
  • Veterinary Consulting: Environmental Health Assessment Herd Cultures

Molecular Services