Udder Health Systems provides milk quality and food testing services for the dairy and food industries.

The company was founded in 1978 by Dr. Allan Britten for the purpose of addressing the challenges facing dairymen striving to produce high quality milk. In 2004 we added food testing to our services. This allows us to serve dairy processors, meat plants and other companies that are related to commercial production of dairy and beef products.

UHS has comprehensive, state of the art laboratories in three states and four locations. Our labs are staffed with teams of veterinarians, microbiologists, food scientists and animal scientists dedicated to providing top quality service to improve producer profitability.

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Toll Free: 877-398-1360

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UHS-Spectrum Laboratories is pleased to announce its accreditation by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Management System (NELAC), to perform certified Total Coliform testing on drinking water.  This service is available for city drinking water systems, well drillers, real estate transactions, or anyone who needs to ensure the safety of their water.  Please call Lab Manager, Katie @ 385-209-2692 to obtain (special) sampling bottles or with questions.

*All of our labs are open on weekends and evenings by appointment.