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PCR-007B: Mycoplasma Advanced Speciation Kit



This PCR kit is designed to identify the species Mycoplasma arginini, alkalescens, californium, and canadense. It may be used on either extracted milk or colonies.


Approximately 15-25% of mastitis-causing mycoplasma are not identified by the standard Myco. bovis and bovigenitalium targets included with our standard milk and colony PCR kits. This PCR kit will identify the next four most probable candidates; Myco. alkalescens, arginini, californium, and canadense.

This PCR kit may be used on either extracted milk or extracted colonies. It is intended to be run on samples that were already confirmed to be positive by another PCR kit.


Kit Type DNA qPCR
Reactions Provided 100 (20 µL)
Positive Control gDNA, included
Negative Control Included
Composition Five assays on Five dyes
Associated Extraction Kit EXT-001, EXT-002, EXT-004
Validated Instruments Bio-Rad CFX96, CFX96 Deep Well, Precigenome Fast 16-6
Dyes Used FAM, SUN, Cal Fluor Red 610, Atto 647n, Quasar 705
Targets Mycoplasma spp. (FAM), M. calif. (SUN), M. alkalescens (CFR610), M. arginini (Atto 647n), M. canadense (Q705).
Thermal Cycling Time ~57 minutes


Additional information

Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × .05 in


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