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PCR-006c: Mycoplasma Detection Kit



This PCR kit is designed to detect mycoplasma in extracted milk or cream. It is designed for use on the Chai OpenqPCR.

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When dealing with mastitis-causing mycoplasma, time may be of the essence. The PCR-006c Mycoplasma Detection kit offers rapid, accurate detection of pathogenic mycoplasma from individual cow, pool, pen, or bulk tank milk.

This kit is designed for the optical systems of the Chai OpenqPCR, although it is compatible with the CFX96 as well.

The PCR-006c kit is designed to be used alongside the EXT-001 Milk Extraction Kit.


Kit Type DNA qPCR
Reactions Provided 100 (20 µL)
Positive Control gDNA, included
Negative Control Included
Composition Three assays on two fluorescent dyes (an additional M. bovis assay is also present on the FAM channel, to improve assay robustness)
Associated Extraction Kit EXT-001
Recommended Instruments Chai OpenqPCR
Validated Compatible Instruments Bio-Rad CFX96, CFX96 Deep Well
Dyes Used FAM, SUN
Targets Mycoplasma spp. (FAM), M. bovis (FAM), Internal Positive Control (SUN)
Thermal Cycling Time ~57 minutes


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Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × .05 in


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