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MycoX Agar



This specialty chromogenic selective agar is designed for enhanced cultivation and detection of pathogenic mastitis-causing Mycoplasma organisms from individual cow and bulk tank milk samples.



This amber colored agar is prepared from a purified agar base with the addition of PPLO broth. This agar contains nutrients which enhance the growth speed and the size of Mycoplasma colonies and therefore allow for earlier detection. The chromogenic additive RedX included in the formula produces a dramatic red to dark pink colony color.  Udder Health Systems MycoX Agar also utilizes a production method that ensures the development of the classic “Fried Egg” colony centers where this chromogen concentrates to greatly enhance colony detection.  This agar has been formulated with inhibitors to discourage the majority of non-Mycoplasma organisms that can be present in cow milk and overwhelm the agar surface.  The inhibition system allows for extended incubation of up to 10 days, to improve the sensitivity of detection of particularly slow growing Mycoplasma variants without contaminant interference. All of the important mastitis-causing Mycoplasma species grow on this media including M. bovis, M. californicum, M. canadense, M. alkalescense, M. arginini, and M. bovigenitalium.

Refer to the table on back for the expected culture responses.


Organism Growth Reaction
Strep. agalactiae Inhibited
Staph. aureus Inhibited
Mycoplasma Excellent Red Fried-Egg colonies
Strep. dysgalactiae Inhibited
Strep. uberis Inhibited
E- strep Inhibited
Staph. species Inhibited
E. Coli Inhibited
Klebsiella pneumoniae Inhibited
Klebsiella species Inhibited
Pseudomonas species Inhibited
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Inhibited
Pasteurella Inhibited
Proteus Inhibited
Serratia Inhibited
Bacillus Inhibited
Yeast Inhibited
Mold Inhibited
Nocardia Inhibited
Prototheca Inhibited
Trueperella pyogenes Inhibited
C. bovis Inhibited


Caution: Environmental contaminant organisms in the Acholeplasma genus will also form red colonies on this media and are likely to be indistinguishable from pathogenic Mycoplasma. Acholeplasmas can be a very common contaminant on some dairy operations and may result in “False Positive” Myco testing culture results. Udder Health Systems strongly recommends routine PCR confirmation testing on all culture positive isolates. Please call regarding TestCode 125M7, our same day colony confirmation test service.

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