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EXT-004: Mycoplasma Colony Outlab Kit



This extraction kit provides a convenient way to extract mycoplasma from culture plates and send it to Udder Health Systems for identification.

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While testing mycoplasma culture for the non-pathogenic look-alike organism Acholeplasma is a must to avoid false positive results, not every lab is equipped to do their own PCR. This kit provides a simple and convenient way to send colonies in to Udder Health Systems for our PCR service. By excising colonies and sending them in via this kit, the plate may be retained, allowing for further reads of other sections of the plate.


Kit Type: Extraction
Reactions Provided 25 (50 µL)
Associated PCR Kits PCR-003B, PCR-003F, PCR-004c, PCR-007B, PCR-007F, PCR-011c, PCR-013c, PCR-017c

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Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × .11 in


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